develop When you make an offer on a house, you provide earnest money. еffect Earnest money is provided to show that you are…well… earnest or sincere about making an offer on the house. еxpress There is no general rule of thumb about how much the earnest money should be.  The only general concept is that the more the earnest money, the more sincere you are about making an offer for that specific property. The amount should be large enough to show that you are willing to go through with the deal and not back out.  Also, the higher the price of the house, the more the earnest money should be.  Putting $3,000 earnest money on a $1 million house may not show as much sincerity as a $100,000 earnest money.

letrozole price summarize A small amount may indicate that you are not truly sincere about maintaining your offer.  Some people might make offers on several pieces of property and provide a small amount of earnest money – say $500.  If your offer on another house is accepted. You could back out on other offers that were made with a small amount of earnest money.\"/revatio\ The earnest money you pay goes towards the total amount you pay for the house.

how to buy proscar online If the sale and purchase agreement is not completed for reasons that are stipulated in the contract, you get the earnest money back.

If you just walk away from the contract, you most likely will not receive the earnest money back.

A final thought – earnest money is not a down payment.  Earnest money is an indication of your sincerity and willingness to complete the transaction.