The purchase price of the house is stated on the first page in dollars.  .  The first paragraph on page two explains that this dollar amount is payable in cash unless otherwise specified in the agreement. ..[read more]

  • Permit Requirements in King County

As homeowners, we often want to fix up or add to our property.,,There are some basic activities that do not require a permit in King County…[read more]

What is the difference between a title and a deed?…[read more]

Summer is here.  Snoqualmie Valley has a variety of fun and informative events and activities – including farmer’s markets…[read more]

I would venture to say that most of use the internet for some type of transaction…[read more]

A limited type of property ownership that lasts as long as the owner is alive is called a life estate…[read more]

When you make an offer on a house, you provide earnest money.  Earnest money is provided to show that you are…well… earnest or sincere about making an offer on the house…[read more]

Ever heard of a half story house?  A one and a half story house?  Well, there is such a thing…[read more]

There is a retail saying “The eye buys.”  The meaning is that the product may be the best on the market – good quality, the right price – but if the buyer doesn’t “like” it, they won’t purchase the item.  On the flip side…[read more]

It is amazing how easy some home projects can be.  My husband and I have repairs on our own home and our rental homes.  We seem to go from one repair or improvement project to another.  The most recent DIY project was to make screens for the windows for one of our rentals.  [read more]

There are several things you need to decide if you plan on buying a home.  For example, you’ll need to consider the style, location, square footage, and type and number of rooms.  These are all important; however, the first thing you should do is find out how much you can get approved for on a loan… [read more]

I’d never thought that I could repair a defective appliance – the major type like dryer or refrigerator.   However, it was amazingly easy. [read more]

A seller may think that as long as they will receive more for their house than they owe they are in good shape.  Not so.  There is a cost to selling your house.  Some costs are incurred by the seller in every transaction.  [read more]

During a recent windstorm, the fence between our property and the neighbor in the back received some damage.  The neighbor obtained a bid for repairs.  We were faced with the decision to repair the fence ourselves or hire a contractor to make the repairs.  [read more]