how to buy neurontin online What is the difference between a title and a deed? Title is the actual ownership of the property. The document will state what kind of ownership a party has. The most common type of title is fee simple, which means the party has complete ownership of the property described in the title.

my link There may be exceptions to complete ownership. For example a party might own land, but not mineral rights. The title will state the limitation. Another example is a life estate. The party has ownership of property for their life span. At their death, ownership or title of the property transfers to another party.

get more A deed is the document that transfers ownership of property from one party to another party.

In Washington State, the document used to convey title is most commonly a statutory warranty deed. The deed can transfer only property that is owned by the party. Using the previous example where the party did not own mineral rights, the deed will only transfer the ownership of the land.

Another type of deed used in Washington is a quit claim deed. A party transferring title does not guarantee that they own the property – the quit claim deed merely avows that the person signing the deed does not claim title to the property. The quit claim deed is often used to pass property between family members where no money is involved in the transaction.

In summary, a title states the parties ownership of the property. A deed transfers ownership of the property.