I would venture to say that most of us use the internet for some kind of transaction.  Many of us shop on line.  The real estate industry also uses online tools for transactions.  You can complete an entire transaction on line from offer to closing.  Electronic signatures are accepted for on line real estate transactions.

can you buy gabapentin online Along with on line transactions come people who want to take advantage of the activities.  Real estate is no different.  One of the particularly vulnerable aspects of an on line real estate transaction is wiring funds.

his explanation Wire fraud is not unusual – sad to say. During a real estate transaction, you will be provided with instructions as to where to wire funds.  This often occurs for closing the transaction when funds are wired to escrow to pay for the property. A common trick of wire fraud is to e-mail a buyer with new instructions as to where to send the funds.  The perpetrator uses an e-mail that looks like it comes from the escrow agent.  The letter head, signature and even the e-mail address looks like it comes from a valid party to the transaction.  Sometimes this will be in the form of an e-mail that states the funds need to be wired to a different account.

If you are in a real estate transaction and are wiring funds, call the party who sent you the funds wiring instructions BEFORE you wire the funds.  Yes – call and talk to the person sending the instructions and verify the information is accurate.

It doesn’t take very long to make a quick telephone call, however you could save yourself the loss of funds and the time and energy it might take to get the funds recovered IF they can be recovered.

As always – be diligent in on-line transactions.  Know who you are dealing with and verify the information you have is correct.